2016, NOTES ON SPACE IN KASSEL. Graphical elements in the urban space intermingle and form messages to influence social norms. With this project I initiated an exhibition in public space to intervene in this chorus of visual voices. A series of black and white photographs from the artist Paul Kuimet document art in the public space of (soviet) Estonia: murals and mosaics paint the story from communism to neoliberal capitalism. By replacing and placing these images next to nowadays advertisement in the city of Kassel, the exhibition aims to raise awareness towards the similarities and differences in the iconography of these ideologies. A digital guide supported the viewer to walk from one location to the other. Further informations were offered through a poster-newspaper, installed in public space, as well as digitally. The opening took place with an artist's talk and a lecture. Curated with Jacob Birken. Digital guide developed with Paul Zink Yi. Documentation photographs of billboards by Paul Kuimet.

2016, WIND ABOVE ALBORAN: 2016-08-05for four musicians and breathing, in collaboration with Laura Toots, DINA4, digital print.